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Koala’s March Strawberry Cream Filled Biscuit, 37g

This strawberry cream filled butter cookie was first introduced in 1986 and has been every family's favorite snack thanks to its delicious taste and kawaii koala.

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Nobel Super Soda Candy, 88g | do 30.9.2022

! Valid at least until 9/30/2022

Nobel Super Soda candies are the perfect treat for any occasion. These individually wrapped soda lemon lime flavored candies are covered in super sour dust. This will really make you feel like you're drinking Japanese pop! In true Japanese snack fashion, the packaging is also very original and attractive – a mix of newspaper print and pop art comics. Fun fact: one of the founders of Nobel actually won the Nobel Prize in Physics, hence the name of the brand!).

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Glico Pocky Choco Banana, 42g

! Valid at least until March 28, 2023

Glico chocolate bars are light, delicious biscuit-like cookies covered with a sweet banana-flavored chocolate glaze.


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Glico Super Crunchy Pretz Pizza, 55g | do 31.10.2022

! Valid at least until 10/31/2022

Are you ready for a surprisingly delicious snack? These Pizza Flavored Glico Super Crunchy Pretz Sticks can satisfy all your cravings at once. Get an explosion of tomato and basil flavor in every extra-crispy bite of this unique Japanese snack. Spice up a classic pizza night and serve up these sticks. They will surely impress your guests!

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Glico Cratz Spicy Chicken, 42g | do 30.11.2022

! Valid until at least 30/11/2022

With each crunchy bite, the spicy flavor of the chicken enhances the taste of your beer - a snack that 90% of beer fans say makes it taste better. This chicken-flavored snack was rated ""beer friendly"" by 90% of beer drinkers.


! Valid at least until 10/31/2022

Dydo Purusshu Jelly X Sparkling Grape is made with grape extract with some additional ingredients to enhance the intense grape flavor. It is an ideal drink for a relaxing break. It is a new fizzy drink that combines the full texture of jelly with the refreshing sensation of bubbles and the added crunch of nata de coco. The result is a sensational carbonated jelly drink.