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Airheads White Mystery, 15.6g

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Remember when you were a kid and you were told not to play with food?
Where's the fun in that! Airheads are deliciously chewy taffy candies,
loved by both children and adults due to the wide range of different flavors,
fun bendable, shapeable textures and exciting bright colors!"


Sladkor (koruzni sirup, malto dekstrin, dekstroza), modificiran koruzni škrob, palmovo olje, citronska kislina, voda, umetna aroma, barvilo (E129, E133, E110, E102).

Nutritional values

Energija (KJ) 1610,84,
Energija (Kcal) 385,
Maščoba (g) 0,
od tega nasičenih (g) 0,
Ogljikovi hidrati (g) 96,
od tega sladkorji (g) 71,
Beljakovine (g) 0,
Sol (g) 0.