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FritoLay Super Spicy Triple Hell, 50g

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! Valid at least until April 3, 2023

Spicy Mania" contains 3 types of spicy ingredients: red pepper, Szechuan pepper and pepper. The spicy taste of pepper is followed by the intense stimulation of chili and the final numbness of Szechuan pepper.

*It is very hot, so be careful with those who are not familiar with hot food and small children.

Nutritional values

Povprečna hranilna vrednost na 100 g:

Energijska vrednost 2216 kJ / 529 kcal
Maščoba 30.6 g
od tega: nasičene 13. g
Ogljikovi hidrati 57.5 g
od tega: sladkorji 2.5 g
Beljakovine 5.7 g
sol 1.8 g