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Cheetos Football Cheese, 130g


Are you a soccer fan looking for the perfect snack for your next game? Cheetos Pelotazos are just the thing for you! Shaped like soccer balls - or dare we say 'football' the European way - this is the ideal snack to support your team all the way! Add some crunch to the game by cheering on your team, but watch out! These are just as addictive as regular Cheetos, so you may struggle to pace yourself throughout the game. Although of course we could open another bag at halftime... Go ahead Team Cheetos!


Koruzni zdrob (73%), koruzno olje, aroma SIRA [LAKTOZA, aromatične snovi, SIROTKA v prahu, SIR v prahu (iz MLEKA), ojačevalci okusa (mononatrijev glutamat, inozinat in dinatrijev gvanilat), arome dima], sladkor, sol, barvila (zelenjavni koncentrat, izvleček paprike, annatto). Lahko vsebuje SOJO.

Nutritional values

Hranilna vrednost na 100g:
Energijska vrednost: 2105 Kj/ 503Kcal
maščobe 26.9g
od tega nasičene maščobe 3.7g
ogljikovi hidrati 59.6g
od tega sladkor 6.7g
beljakovine 5.1g
sol 2.1 g