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Dr Pepper USA, 355ml

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It's the real thing: Original DR PEPPER, imported straight from the USA! First served around 1885 (the oldest American soft drink brand), this refreshing soda has a unique flavor that is hard to describe. A blend of 23 flavors including cherry, chocolate, sarsaparilla, almond, black sweet licorice and more, this American favorite is sure to quench your thirst and satisfy your taste buds! Also try the Cherry and Diet versions of this delicious fizzy drink; you won't be disappointed!


Voda, glukozno-fruktozni sirup, barvilo karamela, sredstvo za kisanje E338, naravne in umetne arome, ogljikov dioksid, konzervans E211, kofein. Vsebnost kofeina: 11,5 mg/100 ml Povečana vsebnost kofeina. Ni priporočljivo za otroke in nosečnice ali doječe matere.

Nutritional values

Energijska vrednost
kcal 42.3
kJ 176.8
Maščobe 0
od tega nasičene maščobe 0
Ogljikovi hidrati 11.3
od tega sladkorji 11
Sol 0.01

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