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HATA KOSEN Ramune Melon, 200ml

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A fruity bottle of melon-flavored ramuna, just in time for summer! Ramune is a Japanese carbonated soft drink. These unique bottles are part of the quintessential Japanese festival or barbecue with a traditional glass marble stopper. To open the drink, you need to 'place' a glass marble in the bottle with the included plunger. Then you can enjoy the fruity, foamy goodness. Best served chilled.

How to use:
Make sure your ramune stays in the bottle, not on you!
Open the ramun on a flat, stable surface.
Remember to pull the tab out of the case before attempting to open the drink.
Hold the push tab for a few seconds after pushing the marble out.


Voda, izoglukoza, sredstvo za zakisanje, aroma, barvila

Nutritional values

kalorije 39 kcal,
maščobe 0 g (od tega nasičene maščobe 0 g),
ogljikovi hidrati 9.8 g (od tega sladkorij 8.1 g),
beljakovine 0 g,
sol 0 g.

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