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HATA KOSEN Ramune Pineapple, 200ml

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A tropically sweet and fruity bottle of pineapple ramuna; ideal summer cooling! These unique bottles are part of the quintessential Japanese summer experience with a traditional glass marble stopper. To open the drink, you need to use the provided plunger to “push” the glass ball into the bottle. Then you can enjoy the fruity, frothy goodness. Best served chilled.

How to use:
Make sure your ramune stays in the bottle, not on you!
Open the ramun on a flat, stable surface.
Remember to pull the tab out of the case before attempting to open the drink.
Hold the push tab for a few seconds after pushing the marble out.


Voda, izoglukoza, sredstvo za zakisanje, aroma, barvila

Nutritional values

kalorije 32 kcal,
maščobe 0 g (od tega nasičene maščobe 0 g),
ogljikovi hidrati 8 g (od tega sladkorij 7.9 g),
beljakovine 0 g,
sol 0 g.

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