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HATA KOSEN Blueberry Ramune Soda, 200ml

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The rainbow of colors and flavors of this famous Japanese soda wouldn't be complete without something blue. Blue drinks somehow taste better, don't you think? All of Hatakosen's sodas are refreshing, but Blueberry Ramune is an especially great summer flavor. Enjoy it nice and cold, straight from the bottle (cracking the marbles through the Codd neck makes for a fun and authentic Japanese experience!) or use it as a mixer for fresh and fruity cocktails. Be sure to share the creations you make!


Glukozno-fruktozni sirup, regulatorji kislosti, aroma, barvilo E133. ** Proizvedeno iz GSO.

Nutritional values

Povprečna hranilna vrednost na 100 ml:

energijska vrednost 146 kJ / 35 kcal
maščobe 0 g
nasičenih maščob 0g
ogljikovi hidrati 8.7 g
od tega sladkorji 8.5 g
beljakovine 0g
sol 0 g