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Hot Chip Challenge, 3g (Mega Hot)


Do you think the "spicy chips" in the supermarket are kind of boring and tasteless? Then "the Hot Chip challenge" might be more for you. This box contains one of the hottest chips in the world. Inside the box, you'll find vacuum-packed chips that are completely blackened with "Scorpion" pepper and Carolina Reaper pepper powder. In other words, it is unusually hot and is really only for people who can tolerate the taste of hot very well. In addition, you also receive a glove in each package, because these chips should not be handled with unprotected hands. Finally, of course, good luck with these extremely hot chips, which will work like a bomb in your mouth.


koruzna moka 72%, sončnično olje, sol, carolina reaper, trinidad moruga scorpion, naga bhut jolokia, habanero, izvleček črnega popra, naravna aroma, maltodekstrin, naravno barvilo: posušen sok korenine pese

Nutritional values

Povprečna hranilna vrednost na 100 g:

Kalorije 472 kcal,

Skupne maščobe 20 g,

Nasičene maščobe 2 g,

Skupni ogljikovi hidrati 64 g,

Sladkorji 0,8 g,

Beljakovine 6,6 g,

Sol 0,9 g.