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Kool-Aid Mixed Berry, 6.2g

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Kool Aid Unsweetened Berry Juice Powder Blend is a delicious way to stay hydrated. This unsweetened blend of mixed berries makes it easy to make a delicious drink; just mix it with water and sugar or sweetener of choice. Quench your thirst with the refreshingly sweet taste of mixed berries. This caffeine-free juice powder is always a great choice for the whole family. It's also a good source of vitamin C. These handy packets of unsweetened powder ensure you always have a refreshing drink ready.


Citronska kislina, kalcijev fosfat, maltodekstrin, naravne in umetne arome, askorbinska kislina (vitamin C), umetno barvilo (Allura AC Red).

Allura AC red lahko negativno vpliva na aktivnost in pozornost otrok.

Nutritional values

Povprečna hranilna vrednost na 100 ml:

energijska vrednost 0 kJ / 0 kcal
maščobe 0 g
nasičenih maščob 0 g
ogljikovi hidrati 0 g
od tega sladkorji 0 g
beljakovine 0 g
sol 2.8g