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Toxic Waste Sour and Chewy Bears, 85g

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Toxic Waste Sour and Chewy Bears is a line of candies known for their sour and fruity taste. The candies are made in the shape of small bears and have a chewy texture. It is manufactured by Candy Dynamics based in Indianapolis, Indiana, United States of America. As the name suggests, candies are marketed as "toxic" and the packaging may include warning and hazardous waste symbols. However, it should be noted that the candy is safe to eat when consumed in moderation and is not actually toxic or dangerous.


Glukozni sirup, sladkor, koruzni škrob, voda, kislina: jabolčna; Arome, Barvila: E102, E110, E133, E129

Nutritional values

Povprečna hranilna vrednost na 100g: Energijska vrednost 1381kJ/330kcal,
Maščoba 0g,
od tega: nasičene 0g,
Ogljikovi hidrati 80g,
od tega: sladkorji 68g,
Beljakovine 0g,
sol 0g