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Treets Peanuts Milk Chocolate, 45g | do 18.3.2023

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!Valid at least until 3/15/2023

This small packet of Treets contains delicious whole peanuts covered in milk chocolate. As soon as you put them in your mouth, you discover a chocolate shell that crunches under your teeth, followed by a nicely roasted peanut full of flavors. Sometimes happiness is in the simplest things! Trees after trees, the hardest thing is not to swallow the package at once! Will you be able to share them?


28 % ARAŠIDI, sladkor, palmova maščoba, kakavova masa, kakavovo maslo, MLEČNI sladkor, polnomastno MLEKO v prahu, dekstroza, emulgator: lecitini; kuhinjska sol, aroma.

Nutritional values

Hranilna vrednost na 100g:
Energijska vrednost: 2176 Kj/ 507 Kcal
maščobe 26 g
od tega nasičene maščobe 11 g
ogljikovi hidrati 58 g
od tega sladkor 56 g
beljakovine 8.9 g
sol 0.3 g