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Yaokin Candy Roll Green Apple, 20g | do 01.06.2023

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Yaokin Candy Roll Green Apple is a type of Japanese candy known for its sweet and tart taste. It is available in the form of a roll, each roll weighs 20 g. Made with high-quality ingredients, including real green apple juice, the candy is known for its soft and chewy texture.
Yaokin Candy Roll Green Apple is a popular snack in Japan enjoyed by people of all ages. It is often sold in convenience stores, supermarkets, and specialty candy stores. The sugar roll is also convenient to carry and is a great on-the-go snack.
If you enjoy sweet and tangy flavors, Yaokin Candy Roll Green Apple may be the perfect choice for you.


Glukozni sirup, sladkor, PALMOVO olje, zgoščeni sok zelenih jabolk, želatina, kislina, emulgator, arome, barvila (vključno z modro 1 in rumeno 4).

Nutritional values

Povprečna hranilna vrednost na 100g: Energijska vrednost 1680kJ/400kcal Maščobe 0g od tega nasičenih 0g Ogljikovi hidrati 95g od tega sladkorji 75g Beljakovine 0g sol 350mg